Quality Tires Reduce the Odds of Hydroplaning

April 23rd, 2018 by

In an instant, a vehicle could lose its ability to push water away from the tires. When that happens, they are now gliding on a layer of water instead of making contact with the road. This makes it harder to steer, brake or make any changes in direction without spinning out of control.

To reduce the odds of hydroplaning, be sure to rotate and balance your tires regularly. Furthermore, be sure that they are not bald and that they are designed to be used in wet climates. If you do encounter water on the road, slow down and make sure that the cruise control is turned off. This can provide extra control in an emergency situation.

To keep a vehicle's tires in good condition, have them serviced by Nelson Toyota in Stanleytown, VA. Doing so can extend their useful life and give you confidence when driving in inclement weather.

Source: Nelson Blog

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